Sense of Africa Kenya

Kenya is incredibly diverse, and offers unique opportunities at every turn. Varying landscapes, cultures, wildlife, activities, white sandy beaches and excellent weather all year round all characterize this place we call home. The relative close proximity to a range of different environments and a good infrastructure make it possible to explore endless opportunities, even on a limited time frame. In a single trip, it is possible to visit tropical forests, beautiful sandy beaches and stunning savannahs, climb mountains and explore the wild. We can plan a safari that combines adventure and relaxation, luxury and natural simplicity, social interactions and solitude.

Our Offering

Sense of Africa’s focus is predominantly on escorted group and individual travel. With specialist knowledge, skill, experience and expertise in creating, costing and executing travel for guests in these environments. Specialist consultants offer versatile itineraries, exclusive added value and an insight into both well and little known tour and safari destinations. The tours originality is evident. Extensive knowledge of Kenya and an open-minded approach to travel have facilitated the design of itineraries that veer far from tired norms, packing in adventure, wildlife and culture whilst combining relaxation in equal parts.

Why Kenya

The true home to the most authentic of Safari experience’s, notwithstanding a stunning coastline, white sandy beaches and a glistening tropical ocean. Kenya never fails to surpass expectations. Journey through this animal steeped and culturally rich destination and experience the many wonders that Kenya has to offer. Kenya’s appeal captivates all generations and is suited to individual travellers, families and group travellers alike.

Our People

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