A safari often stands or falls with the guide and we appreciate that a good guide can make a great safari excellent. Our guides, mostly Ugandian citizens, are hand-picked for their passion and client service, with a profound interest and understanding for the country and its people. We encourage their personal involvement in Uganda’s heritage and also encourage them to keep improving both their skills and knowledge. We are excited that our guests will be exposed to the experience and passion exuded by our guides while on safari.

James Mwangi

Masai mara is the best place in Kenya and I am passionate about all things game. I love game viewing, sharing my knowledge and embarking on a fantastic game drive.


Eutycus Murage

Again form the Central Highland Province of Nyeri, Eutycus commenced his guiding career in 1989, working for many leading brands before joining Sense of Africa in 2002. Shortly after he qualified as a Bronze rated guide. He is married with a brace of daughters and sons. He is a natural born game spotter, with the eye of an eagle when it comes to seeking out those most elusive of creatures. His passion is for bird watching and his favourite animal is the Dikdik, a quaint little antelope that roams the plains and bushes of Kenya.


David was born in Kenya and is married with 3 lovely children. His early life was in a village with his parents in the Masai Mara where he was raised until the age of 14. It was during this period that he fell in love with the wildlife in his country. He did however move to Nairobi to train as a bush mechanic working in one of the Nairobi slums. It is here where he managed to equip himself with enough knowledge and experience about vehicles to ensure a trouble and maintenance free passage when driving through the rugged terrain of the Kenyan wilderness. In 1997 he joined what is now known as Sense of Africa as a Tour Guide and has since learned much about his role in addition to a keen interest in birdlife and medicinal plants.