Sense of Africa Namibia

Sense of Africa is a bespoke tour operator with a reputation for providing high-quality customer care and personalized service at competitive prices. We offer versatile itineraries, insight into the little known tour and safari destinations, and exclusive added value. We continually review what we offer to above all improve our service and your experience. Firstly, by looking at new products and experiences and secondly by being innovative and using our expertise to make the tour or safari more than just a journey…

Our Offering

As a tour operator, Sense of Africa predominantly focus is on group travel, hence why we specialize our knowledge, and expertise in creating, and executing trips to Namibia in a group environment. That is to say, that our trained consultants offer versatile and often reviewed itineraries. We are consequently adding select value and insight into the little known destinations. Extensive knowledge of Namibia and an open-minded approach to travel have facilitated the design of routes that veer far from tired norms, packing in adventure, and relaxation in equal parts.

Why Namibia

In southwestern Africa lies a land of compelling fascination. Namibia is described by the bushman as the “Soul of the World,” being therefore rugged, natural, soulful; in other words, liberating. Moreover, nature has been fierce and unforgiving. In this cauldron of heat and relentless forces, landscapes have formed, and wildlife has thrived, creating places paralleled only with their beauty.