During the month of March I and a few of my Tourvest colleagues were privileged enough to take part in an Educational Trip to the Kalahari Region.

The trip was both informative and fun. The team and I not only had the opportunity to better understand the workings of the individual accommodations within this area but were able to apply our in-service country knowledge training we underwent during the course of the month as well.

Our first stop during the trip was to the historical town of Rehoboth Located 90 kilometres south of the Namibian capital Windhoek, Rehoboth lies on a high elevation plateau with several natural hot-water springs.


A stop at the local Total Fuel station guests are welcomed with a seating area surrounded by an information board by the Gondwana Collection that boasts the broad history of the town of Rehoboth and how it came to be. The Paulus Kirche Church in Rehoboth was erected in 1909 and is home to a large Evangelical Lutheran Community within the town.

From  Rehoboth, we headed further south and made had our first site inspection at the Teuffelskrallen Tented Lodge. Part of the Ondili Lodges and Activities the lodge offers a wonderful rustic feel to it. The lodge reception area is about 3km away from the tented rooms. Thus would serve best for self-drive guests. Next we visited the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge which also forms part of the Ondlili Lodges and Activities. The lodge is about 190 km south of Windhoek between Rehoboth and Mariental. 8km after passing Kalkrand. The lodge offers twelve comfortable houses, half canvas and half stone with grass roof, nestle on the banks of the Ulei. The panorama windows offer a great view of the vegetation and the watering hole in the dry lake where game animals can often be observed. Scenic drives sunrise and sunset tours are offered. A dinner in the red dunes , is a romantic experience for every holiday in Namibia. When at the lodge be sure to ask for Timon the friendly lodge suricate.

Next we visited the Africa Safari Lodge, where we had a light yet refreshing lunch. The lodge offers luxury accommodation which overlooks the majestic horizon. Africa Safari Lodge is situated on-route to the famous travellers’ destination Sossusvlei. Thus makes for a perfect overnight stopover before heading to Sossusvlei.

The Lapa Lange Lodge is built around a waterhole, this beautiful lodge offers a wide range of accommodation options to travel couples, groups and families. Guests can choose from a freestanding chalet, luxury suite or peaceful campsite.

Our final stop for the day and accommodation for the night was the Kalahari Anib Lodge. Forming part of the Gondwana Collection, the lodge offers a selection of 52 Rooms (30 Twin Standard, 17 Twin Comfort and 5 Family Comfort Rooms) and 2 pool area’s as well as a curio shop filled with truly Namibian products. We were treated to a beautiful nature drive where we were able to see an abundance of wildlife such as Ostriches, Springbok, Blue Wildebeest, Giraffe and Gemsbok. Our Kalahari Anib Lodge guide ensured that we were well informed about the different species of both animals and vegetation that can be found in the area.

Other lodges visited were the Bagatelle Game Ranch,  Intu Africa Camelthorn Lodge and the Intu Africa Zebra Lodge.

All in all our trip to the Kalahari was a success. We were all marvelled at the landscape of the Kalahari with its red dunes, and some of the most obvious features of the Kalahari landscape, the nests of the sociable weaver birds.

We all highly recommend that our clients visit this part of Namibia. We guarantee that it offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in Namibia.

Emarehi Oherein- Marketing Executive