Angelika von Zelewski – Tour Consultant

Hallo! I am Angelika von Zelewski and I’m from Windhoek Namibia. I am empathetic, strong and helpful. Before working for Tourvest I worked in Hamburg, Germany at the Hard Rock Cafe. The favorite part of my job is planning and booking amazing tours around Namibia for our guests.  . Namibia is such a spectacular country with varying and untarnished landscapes. My personal philosophy is, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and stronger aaaaand stronger and that one should let go and live free.”


Christel Swart – Tour Consultant

Hi my name is Christel Swart. I’m from Windhoek, Namibia. I am creative, prompt and compassionate and kind.  Prior to joining the Tourvest family, I was a lodge manager at Okonjima. The favorite part of my job is space hunting (finding availability). Namibia is a country like no other. Our guests are sure to enjoy our unsurpassable sunsets, amazing horizon views from one of our many mountains and getting high doses of vitamin D with our sun out all year. My personal philosophy is, “Always be yourself.”


Memory Shilimela – Tour Consultant

Hello there! I’m Memory Shilimela. I value integrity and I’m passionate and extraordinary about everything I do. Before joining Tourvest Namibia,  I was an African Cultural Ambassador in the United States at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. There I got to share Africa, Its tales of strength, its beauty, cultural diversity and its awe-striking wildlife.  The best part of my current job is getting to assemble pieces of an awesome tour together, resulting in an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime for our guests My personal philosophy is, “ Get up, get out! The world is huge and it has been waiting for you to explore it, to discover and to own it! ”