Our Offering

Sense of Africa’s focus is predominantly on group travel. With specialist knowledge, skill, experience and expertise in creating, costing and executing travel for guests to Namibia in a group environment. Specialist consultants offer versatile itineraries, exclusive added value and an insight into little known tour and safari destinations. The tours originality is evident in travel options with an edge.  Extensive knowledge of Namibia and an open-minded approach to travel have facilitated the design of itineraries that veer far from tired norms, packing in adventure and relaxation in equal parts.

Our Guides

A safari often stands or falls with the guide and we appreciate that a good guide can make a great safari excellent. Our guides, mostly Namibian citizens, are hand-picked for their passion and client service, with a profound interest and understanding for the country and its people. We encourage their personal involvement in Namibia’s heritage and also encourage them to keep improving both their skills and knowledge. We are excited that our guests will be exposed to …

Our Fleet

Sense of Africa owns and operates a very comprehensive fleet of vehicles that range from4-seater Polo’s to custom-built 4WD Land Cruiser safari vehicles and Isuzu Overlanders to larger 44-seater coaches. (Please see grid below). Our coaches are designed and custom built to suit the Namibian road conditions, both in their configuration as well as their construction. This all adds to the durability and reliability of our fleet, but also to the comfort for our guests while on safari. Our vehicles are fitted with …

Exclusive @ SOA

One Reason for market leadership is our ability to constantly innovate and improve, always ensuring that we are at the cusp of any new developments in the country, and examining every opportunity to create new and dynamic products. The exclusive products reflected below show how we as a company and a brand continuously focus on the individual and specific needs of the customer, how we attempt to differentiate from the competition and how we ensure that each tour is more than just a journey

Digital Brochure

Based in Windhoek, Sense of Africa is a bespoke tour operator with a reputation for providing high quality customer care and personalized service at competitive prices. We offer versatile itineraries, insight into little known tour and safari destinations and exclusive added value. We are constantly reviewing what we offer and how we can improve it, either by looking at new products and experiences, or just by being innovative and using our knowledge and experience to make the tour or safari more.