The Sense of Africa Namibia Reservations team set about a day-long customer service seminar in the month of February.

The seminar was focused not only on great customer service within the workplace but also focused on building team spirit and motivation.

The seminar was facilitated by SuezetteSmit, has served as an advisor to Businesses around the world. She is the CEO of Performance Development Interactive, a recognized international training authority focusing on the psychology of leadership and peak performance. Performance Development Interactive was founded in 2000 with its head office in Cape Town, South Africa.

The seminar theme was “Refuse Average”. With this theme in mind, the team was set for a day filled with motivational talks, group/team building tasks, as well as cultural orientation. The seminar was also used as a platform for our teams to share information and have some positive heart to heart sessions.

One of the team building tasks included building a house out of 1 packet of spaghetti and cello tape. Although challenging, this practice showed our teams the importance of patience, and teamwork whilst exploring the team’s communication skills, creativity and innovativeness.

One of the other major focuses of the seminar was that of excelling and going beyond the average customer service both within our works sphere and outside of it. Our team learned the importance of positivity and how it can influence the atmosphere you are placed in.

All in all the seminar made for a Saturday well spent.  The team is motivated, positive and the confidence levels in our office are at an all-time high.

We would also like to give special thanks to our facilitator Suezette Smit for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with us and getting our team moving, shaking and ready to create even more memorable Namibian experiences for our clientele.

Here are some pictures and videos from the seminar. We’ve also included our new “Service Haka”. Enjoy!