“Potjiekos” is a traditional Afrikaner dish hailing from South Africa. It originated with the Voortrekkers in the 1800’s and is still widely prepared and enjoyed in South Africa and Namibia today. It is a simple dish, easy to prepare, with few ‘rules’ but hundreds of variants. When done properly a “potjie” needs little to no supervision and practically prepares itself. It thus allows you time to enjoy the company of your friends and family while preparing the meal. “Potjiekos”, translated would mean ‘Little Pot’ (potjie) ‘Food’ (kos) and although it resembles a stew it is not a stew and is not prepared like a stew.

The Tourvest Namibia team was divided into 7 sub-teams that all needed to prepare a specific variant potjie dish:

Team -The Cows Must Be Crazy- Prepared a Beef potjie.

Team Oryx – Prepared an Oryx potjie.

Team 8 pigs and the Big Bad Wolf – Prepared a Pork potjie

Team The Crood – Prepared a Springbok potjie

Team Kick-Ass Chickens- Prepared a Chicken potjie

Team  Alchemy – Prepared an Afvaal potjie


Team For Fork’s Sake – Prepared a Lamb potjie.

The teams started setting up their stands bright and early at the Windhoek Action Arena. Teams were to prepare and dish up all of their pots by mid-afternoon.





The day also included a number of activities that included, sack racing, doughnut eating, balloon popping and a slippery slide race. All of which had all the teams excited and filled with spirirt and charisma !








Once all the potjie dishese were ready the team had to face the panel of judges from the Namibia Chef’s Assocoation. Where dishes from each team were sampled and critically examined by the chef panel, and after much deliberation the Kick-Ass Chickens won first place with team Alchemy and Oryx taking second and third place consecutively.




The Tourvest Namibia Social Committee would like to thank all our team members of the Tourvest Namibia for making this event a success. As well as showing pure and raw team spirit, energy and excitement during the day.