Sense of Africa Kenya is a close-knit family of professionals, all with a passion for travel and an enthusiasm for crafting dream African experiences. We cherish hearing about our clients’ African holiday plans, and are always excited to offer advice and to help to turn their dreams into reality.

Paul Brinkmann – Chief Operations Officer Sense Of Africa

A family man who loves endurance sport, his job and travel. Paul left his law partnership in 2003 to join Sense of Africa. Working in tourism provides the opportunity to travel and then to share those experiences with others, both professionally and personally, which he loves.

His favourite experience is sitting back at the end of a day after doing some high adrenaline activity with a glass of single malt in one hand and a fat cigar in the other, savouring life. His favourite food is a proper beef burger. The bigger and greasier the better, with all the trimmings, onions, bacon, avocado, chilli sauce and cheese together with fries and a beer. A real cholesterol bomb.

Michael Njogu
Michael NjoguManaging Director
Michael is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience spanning two decades in the Tourism Industry. He previously held various management positions with leading Destination Management Companies, in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Operations, Business development, Incentive travel and General management.
He is passionate about travel, and being widely travelled, understands well the multi-cultural nature of the industry and the clients alike.
Jimmy Nandwa
Jimmy NandwaChief Financial Officer
Jimmy has been in the tourism industry for close to 13 years. Initially as an auditor for 8 years, then working in the finance department for 5 years and counting. He lives by the motto : “Where you are is as a result of who you were, but where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be.”
His favourite experience thus far was being there during the birth of his daughter and son. His favourite food is a local dish called “chapati” with beef stew and cabbage.
Nassir Swedi
Nassir SwediCountry Manager
Nassir has over two decades’ wealth of experience in the tourism industry. Serengeti National Park is his favourite tourist destination because of its diversity and the world’s known migration of animals. To him it’s the most attractive safari that creates a stir in the mind of every tourist. In addition he loves cultural excursion as they help a tourist to engage with a country or region’s culture. Specifically the lifestyle of the people in those geographical areas, the history of those people, their art, architecture, religion(s), and other elements that helped shape their way of life. His motto is to live a life of honesty, integrity and make his work place a beautiful place through good relationship with his colleagues.


Beatrice Mollel
Head of Reservations

Frank Patrick Ndossi
Operations Manager

Hassan Omar
Finance Manager

George Mambo
Workshop Manager


Jackline Joseph
Team leader Sense of Africa

Philomena Patrick
Tour Consultants – Sense of Africa

Sarah Moshi
Tour Consultants –Sense of Africa

Alice Andrew
Tour Consultant – Go Vacation Africa

Helga Moshi
Tour Consultant – Sense of Africa

Zulfa Fadhili
Tour Consultants  Go Vacation Africa


Benjamin Mwakangale
Team Leader Customer Care Representative

PrayGod Moses
Customer Service Representative

Samson Chonjo

John Ngoma

James Mwakajumba

Romauld Mtandika

Ombeni Kisila

Timothy Malcom

Wolfugan Mrosso

Adam Mtinga

Benson Lucas

Charles George Mollel

Phillip Chami

Arnold Makinda

Felichism lyarukwa

Emmanuel Temu

Kelvin Amin

Raphael Chami

Godlisten Swai

Zabdi Mwangu


Felix Mbwana
Workshop Team Leader

Jackson Mapunda

Product and Contracting

Captoline Anney
Assistant Product Manager 

Ezekiel Shayo
Product & Contracting

Paul Dismal
Product & Contracting

Finance and Administration

Godwin Mleli

Nasra Nyambita
Accounts Assistant

Ann Masaa
Receptionist/Admin Assistant

John Francis Kinanjui
Support Staff

Justina Mtaale
Support Staff

Noel Naiman
Support Staff