Sense of Africa Uganda

Sense of Africa Uganda comprises a team of committed and passionate individuals who take pride in delivering the best possible experience for every visitor. Our people are fully conversant on current developments in the country, be they political, geographical or industry related. They understand Uganda in and out!!

Our Offering

Uganda is a country with endless lakes, rivers, waterfalls and wetlands making Uganda a lush tropical haven. Mountains form the Western borders, the Virunga volcanoes and the legendary and mysterious Rwenzori Mountains, known as the “Mountains of the Moon”. Our knowledge of the destination allows us to offer versatile itineraries, insight into little known safari destinations and exclusive added value.

Why Uganda

“The Pearl of Africa” with sapphire blue lakes, enchanted forests, snow-capped mountains, beautiful people and phenomenal wildlife experiences. Uganda is relatively small in relation to other African countries. In a single day visitors may travel from an equatorial mountain forest, through rolling hills of tea and banana plantations,
to the shores of Africa’s inland sea, Lake Victoria, with its plentiful islands and horizon that never ends.