Why Uganda

“The Pearl of Africa” with sapphire blue lakes, enchanted forests, snow-capped mountains, beautiful people and phenomenal wildlife experiences. Uganda is relatively small in relation to other African countries. In a single day visitors may travel from an equatorial mountain forest, through rolling hills of tea and banana plantations,
to the shores of Africa’s inland sea, Lake Victoria, with its plentiful islands and horizon that never ends.

What you need to know

Uganda boasts 6.8% of the world’s butterfly species, 10.25% of its bird species, 7.8% of its mammalian species and 53.9% of its mountain gorilla population. Uganda has earned a number of international accolades, including:
• Kidepo National park: nominated 3rd best National park in Africa in 2013 by CNN Traveller
• Wild Waters Lodge: named one of the best luxury hotels in the world in 2015 by Town &Country

National Parks