Our Sustainable Responsibility

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Practising responsible tourism is a non-negotiable to us

We are responsible and accountable for the role we play in the countries in which we operate; economically, socially and environmentally. Our accountability is lived through the DNA of our core business values and our company culture.


Our commitment to sustainable tourism has earned us the following certifications:

Standards’ Core Status

2011 to 2017

Tour Operators Partner

2017 to date

Approved Tour Operator

2017 to date

Eco-Tourism Kenya

2016 to date

The Green Seat


We value the essence of humanity in everything we do and aim to improve people’s lives.


We are committed to treading lightly on this earth in our everyday actions.


What would we be as an industry without our precious natural resources, including our wildlife?

Our clients and partners have the opportunity to contribute towards the ‘Green Seat’, the proceeds of which go directly to the project beneficiaries we support.

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