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Ethiopia, a land of origins, towering mountains and coffee forests

Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is a rugged, landlocked country split by the Great Rift Valley. With archaeological finds dating back more than 3 million years, it’s a place of ancient culture. Among its important sites are Lalibela with its rock-cut Christian churches from the 12th–13th centuries. Aksum is the ruins of an ancient city with obelisks, tombs, castles and Our Lady Mary of Zion church.

Ethiopia, the only African country to have escaped European colonialism, has retained much of its cultural identity and its story is one of Africa’s most fascinating. It all begins with Lucy, one of our most celebrated ancient ancestors, moves effortlessly into the realm of ancient Aksum with its oblelisks and echoes of the Queen of Sheba, and then takes on power and passion as Christianity, with mysterious echoes of Ancient Israel, takes centre stage. And unlike so many other places in Africa, the ancients here left behind some extraordinary monuments to faith and power which serve as focal points for so many wonderful journeys.

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Ethiopia Map


  • The Great Rift Valley

  • Lalibela

  • Simien Mountains national park

  • Gonder

  • The lower Omo Valley

  • Coffee plantations


  • Africa’s top coffee producing country

  • Origin of the Blue Nile River

  • Oldest fossilised human skeleton – Lucy
  • Beautiful mountain ranges

  • Local Culture

What you need to know

October to April, when the rains are over but the countryside is still green. During the rainy season (June to early October) the scenery is wonderful green and the whole country is a riot of wild flowers.

From hiking and wildlife viewing to hot-air balloon trips and exploring museums, Ethiopia offers limitless possibilities to outdoor enthusiasts and curious travellers.

The power supply is UK / European standard voltage of 220/240 and power sockets are UK style (square pin type). It is important to note that if you want to use US appliances, you will need a voltage converter as well as a plug converter.

Insurance to cover for medical, personal property and other personal risks during your safari is essential. Sense of Africa requires that all clients arrange for personal insurance. Sense of Africa works closely with Amref for emergency medical evacuation but this is just for emergency medical evacuation and cost of treatment is not included.

Tours to fill your senses

Sense of Africa’s focus is predominantly on group travel. With specialist knowledge, skill, experience and expertise in creating, costing and executing travel for guests to Ethiopia in a group environment. Specialist consultants offer versatile itineraries, exclusive added value and an insight into little known tour and safari destinations. The tours originality is evident in travel options with an edge. Extensive knowledge of Ethiopia and an open-minded approach to travel have facilitated the design of itineraries that veer far from tired norms, packing in adventure and relaxation in equal parts.

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