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“Sanibonani!” – A warm African hello

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South Africa, a land with beautiful scenery across diverse landscapes, a deep and rich history.

South Africa appeals to travellers in many ways and can cater to various travel expectations. Families, couples as well as those looking to explore on their own, have their dreams of an African adventure made a reality, right here in South Africa. There is an extraordinary natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. As one of the most diverse countries in the world, the people, history and culture offer travellers a unique travel experience without having to go very far. It is a country with a dichotomy of untamed beauty and world class glamour. A place of colour and contrast. A land where modern meets rustic, technology meets tradition and cosmopolitan cityscapes blend effortlessly with the natural beauty of terrain and wildlife.

South Africa is situated at the extreme southern tip of the African continent, comprising territory that ranges from the rolling, fertile plains of the Highveld; to the wide open savannah of Mpumalanga; to the Kalahari Desert; and the peaks of the Drakensberg mountains. With numerous cultures calling this land home, South Africa is certainly a vibrant melting pot worth exploring! The country has 11 official languages, and many more unofficial languages. This colourful mix of cultures gives South Africa its nickname “rainbow nation“. One cannot help but fall in love with South Africa and its beautiful people.

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  • Guided Graffiti Tour in Newtown (Johannesburg)
  • A day visit to Kruger National Park

  • Moyo, out on the Pier at uShaka for Sundowner Drinks (Durban)
  • Cape Malay Cooking Safari (Cape Town)


  • Table Mountain

  • Robben Island
  • Drive along the Garden Route
  • Cradle of Human Kind

What you need to know

With the option of whale-watching during the spring months (September to October) and game viewing during autumn and winter, (May to September) and then luxury beach holidays during spring and summer (November to March), South Africa has year-round travel attractions. The climate in South Africa is very varied across the country due to the wide range of altitudes. Coastal temperatures are more temperate than internal areas, and high altitude areas will have colder temperatures than those closer to sea level. Most of the country experiences warm, sunny days and cooler nights.

From rolling hills to roaming wildlife, here is an untapped wonderland of unforgettable experiences.

Current is 220 volts at 50HZ cycles per second. A three-point round-pin adapter plug should be brought for your electrical appliances. Such adapters are also available at major airports.

A valid passport and visa are required. We recommend attaining travel insurance during your trip.

Tours to fill your senses

We’ve carefully designed our product portfolio to add measurable value to your business, and to give your guests an authentic and memorable experience of Southern Africa. Our comprehensive portfolio has been designed to appeal to any budget, group size or travel purpose, while our guaranteed frequent tour departures give you consistent peace of mind. Our foreign language tour guides will make your guests feel completely at home.

Competitive pricing, guaranteed departures and availability on special interest / experiential tours keep you relevant, while also positively impacting on your bottom line. We’ve changed the perception of a traditional seat-in-vehicle tour, and rather offer classic tourist routes ‘with a twist’, including off-the-beaten track experiences. Our story-telling day tours are a novel way of taking a very personal journey back through a colourful past. From their time of arrival, your guests can expect expert guidance from our dedicated consulting teams. Our tour guides are both dynamic and experienced, while each of our partners and suppliers have undergone a thorough vetting process.

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The people you can count on

At Sense of Africa, the threads of our values and company culture run deep into our people. They are at the core of everything we do, and being a part of our business has become aspirational to many people in the tourism industry.

From the grassroots learnerships that open up employment and education opportunities, to the on-going training interventions that we undertake, it’s all about us investing in the best possible people, to ensure that we constantly curate a premium human to human experience.

We recruit and nourish the best of the best, who experience our destination and all that South Africa has to offer, first hand. Knowledge is shared through mentorships and coaching, through travelling and experiencing, and through daily interactions with our stakeholders, suppliers and clients.

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