Who wants to go on a Road Trip?

Who doesn’t enjoy a road trip? The ultimate way to experience that awesome expanse of wide open spaces in Namibia by with the pleasure of deciding on the spur of the moment on a self-drive!

Wild winds blowing, heat and blue skies, and a road that goes forever – that is Namibia. With Chris Rea (or whatever else ticks your box) on the music system, take in the awesome landscapes and unblemished vast, open spaces with exciting highlights planned. What could be more inspiring, relaxing and soothing for the soul. The road conditions and very low traffic density make Namibia one of the few destinations in Africa where planning a self- drive tour is an ideal option!

Towns are few and far between, and while you may pass through a few small markets along the way, most journeys will be accompanied by some of the last true, open wilderness areas on earth. Pssst, we have a little secret to share with you – we are not only known for our dramatic landscapes, we are also one of the top wildlife destinations in Africa.

With nothing but time on our hands, we would love to prepare an adventurous itinerary with you, one that also has insight in secret hidden gems and highlights, that will make a road trip so much more than just a journey.

Self-Drive Tour

Namibia travel tips

Herewith a few tips for doing a self-drive through Namibia:

  • Make use of our Meet & Greet Services! This can either be booked at the International Airport, your accommodation in Windhoek or alternatively at our office during office hours. – We highly recommend this service for our first time clients as we go through the details of all travel documents, general info on Namibia, rules and regulations for the Namibian roads, pointers to stop at some of Namibia’s very famous highlights, routing / directions and last but not least we take the time to answer all the questions that clients might have. Also, with living with the Covid pandemic, some important local knowledge and requirements to share.


  • Get yourself a Namibian Sim Card! Compared to other destinations in Africa – Namibia has cellphone reception in most areas of the country and it is in fact quite affordable. Having a Namibian Sim Card will make it so much easier when one needs to make an urgent call or use data for international calling.


  • Preferably book a 4X4 vehicle and stick to the road restrictions! Comfort is largely dependent on the size of your wheel, and a 4×4 just has bigger tyres. Since majority of the roads in Namibia are gravel roads it is very important to stick to the designated road restrictions and avoid speeding. Most of these gravel roads are in good condition and therefore there is no need to worry. Keep in mind that should you get a flat tyre in Namibia, it is perfectly normal and a part of the self-drive adventure. J


  • It is Right to drive on the Left side of the road! Namibians drive on the left side of the road, for some this is normal where for majority this is quite an adjustment and something to get used to.


  • Pack enough sunscreen and water! Even though Namibia’s has the most amazing weather and guaranteed sunshine, it can sometimes get really warm during the day – especially when traveling to the Namib Desert. We therefore always recommend a hat (full brim if possible) and enough sunscreen and water.


  • Namibia is Family Friendly! Bring the whole family J With the vast open plains, the breathtaking scenery and large variety of Wildlife – Namibia is definitely a family friendly road trip destination. This is also a time to reconnect with your loved ones as you experience all the thrills of constantly changing landscapes, incredible wildlife, authentic cultures and typical local cuisine. We have a wide variety of Lodges, situated all around Namibia that have various activities and programs that are family friendly and allow children of all ages to take part.


  • Give yourself plenty of time for your journey! Driving times can be difficult to judge and frankly, there is no point to rush. The journey is the destination in itself with all one experiences daily, not a point to point race. Even though Maps do a pretty good job with the estimation of the driving time, things like the type of vehicle, how comfortable one is in driving, intermittent highlights and sites and the road conditions and stops on the way can definitely influence the time of your journey.


  • Remember your camera! From wild animals to stirring landscapes and interesting people, there are a galore of photo opportunities and thus documenting your road trip is a great way to make the memories of your adventure last even longer. Whether an avid photographer or just collecting memories, Namibia makes every amateur look professional.

Self-Drive on the Gravel Roads of Namibia

Namibia is home to some of the most unique and stunning scenery that you’ll ever see and holds some of the most amazing experiences encountered by wildlife. Namibia is best seen with your own eyes, hopping in a vehicle and experiencing Namibia all for yourself.


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