Our exclusive products reflect how we continuously focus on the specific needs of the individual customer;
how we are to different to our competition; and how we ensure that each tour is more than just a journey.

Individual Travel

Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

For those who prefer to travel at their own pace, and on their own terms, we offer leisure experiences tailored around needs of the independent traveller. We applied our experience to develop products for this emerging market sector.

Our focus is on innovation, a plethora of accommodation, car rental and activity providers and with our vast experience, we offer full support and infrastructure to individual travellers who choose to Africa on their own. Itineraries are built around specific interest, personal tastes, time frame and budgets.

Self-Drive Travel

Botswana & Namibia

An affordable and adventurous experience at the traveller’s own tempo. Each destination offers self-drive options through its national parks, game reserves,  and along main road networks throughout the country.

Our vast array of self-drive itineraries, featuring dynamic and combinable modules, as well as themed special interests, feature the country’s highlights and will fulfil most needs.

Experiential Travel

Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

Tours created for those people who want to stray off the beaten track, who want to do something different from the usual tourists: experience true cultural interaction, stretch the legs and venture into the rugged unknown. We have created unique safaris that focus on the experiences more than the lodgings, on activity and adventure above comfort, on travel that will create lifetime experiences.

Our product development team and our experienced guides have little known gems within the country, waiting to be experienced.

Family Holidays

Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

No two families are the same, so it stands to reason that no two plans are either. We fully understand the dynamics of family travel, and our tailored leisure experiences are designed to spark a shared passion, to inspire a sense of wonder, and to enrich understanding of the particular destination.

Every detail is crafted with the goal of bringing loved ones closer together to make memories that last forever. We have identified a broad range of unique child friendly locations, and
activities to suit each type of family.

Scheduled Tours

Namibia, Kenya & Tanzania

A scheduled approach, without compromising on a uniquely personal experience. Our in-depth knowledge and experience over many years in the inbound tourism industry has given us the unique ability to offer a wide variety of guided tours, any of these ensuring our clients a classic and distinctly Namibian experience.

The tours narrow down an unlimited range of attractions to core itineraries. As these are our trademark, we pride ourselves in the high standard of accommodation and also the mode of travel we offer to our guests, thereby ensuring an effortless, comfortable and unforgettable holiday.

Scheduled Flying Safaris


Aiming to satisfy the needs of guests who are pressed for time or those who wish to see the country from a birds eye perspective, Sense of Africa has compiled a variety of flying safari itineraries.

Namibia, blessed with a wealth of geological phenomena; provides a spectacular view from above for the discerning traveller.

Guided Private Tours

Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

An expertly planned itinerary to explore the country. As a bespoke operator, we understand that people have individual needs and wishes. Be it an off-the-beaten-track itinerary or just enjoy the comfort of travelling without others, we both suggest ideal itineraries or tailor-make tours and safaris to satisfy the discerning traveller. Also having a wide range of products and the opportunity to book any of the scheduled guided itineraries on a private basis, these tours continue to provide well planned, exciting, value for money opportunities to explore the country.

Scheduled & Private Tailor made Mobile Safaris


This is ideal for first time visitors, single or budget conscious travellers looking to travel with like-minded companions. There are a wide range of scheduled departure mobile camping safaris on offer to suit all budgets. For those traveling with family, friends or work colleagues, a private tailor made mobile safari promises both exclusivity and flexibility with the comfort of a private camp and professional guide throughout.

Add-ons Packages

Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

An easy, exciting and trouble-free way of filling extra days prior to or after a tour. When time is of the essence, or when guests simply want to experience the splendour of one specific area. We have created a selection of short break packages that will cater to every need and standard, concentrating on major attractions.

Group and Incentive Travel

Namibia, Kenya & Tanzania

Our destinations afford a multitude of magnificent group and incentive opportunities. With a wide variety of destinations, activities and venues on offer, group and incentive specialists are hard pressed to find another destination with as much creative potential.

Years of experience have taught us that there are key elements in creating highly successful group tours and we do not compromise when it comes to delivery. Focusing on price, creativity, quality and innovation, we are committed to developing unique and successful experiences.

Special Interest Tours

Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

For travellers looking for a more focused itinerary centred around a unique passion or interest. Travel is all about multi-dimensional experiences.

Special interest tours are only limited by imagination, and include vacations crafted around interests such as geology, agriculture, history, culture, star gazing or even special family occasions. All tours are guided by specialist guides with knowledge on the subject or area.

Deluxe Travel

Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

Style, comfort and exclusivity – Small, exclusive lodges with dynamic, customer centric staff; passionate guides with a yearning to impart knowledge about wildlife, culture, history or plants; and itineraries with exclusive value adds and insight into little known highlights are some of the factors that make the premium safari an unforgettable experience.